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It's been a busy time down at the Castle Creavie farm today. Bringing in the sheep on a glorious early morning.


Rascal's five Jack Russell pups are just too gorgeous and keeping all our guests entertained. We love having having them around but they will all be going to active and loving homes by the end of May to begin their own adventures!



2018's lambing season has started and in full swing at Castle Creavie. We welcomed these 2 sets of quads born in adjacent pens and within just moments apart from each other....a record perhaps!


LIfe keeps starting!  lambing has just finished!  We can sleep again after acting as midwife to the 500!  Long, long, hours but rewards of healthy lambs, great company and helo from Emilie, Sandy and Robin,  And a few good sunsets to cheer us at the end of some very long days.We are now awaitng some good weather to get the sheep clipped and eventually some haylage made.


As you can see not all sheep are easy to find and often hide away with their lambs... or just  to be awkward.





It can make shearing a prickly job when they come in covered in gorse spikes.

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